Rain King

Rain King (12x16in) is one of my original canvases. It was created by using pour painting, which gives interesting abstract shapes and patterns. These unique pieces of art can only be purchased once, and are guaranteed to never be available more than once.

It is an abstract piece, and I like to think of it as my homage to Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

Like most of my work, Rain King is inspired by nature. The sky has always been crucial to my work, providing light for both my photography and my paintings. However, the sky can also reflect mood. The darkened tone depicted in Rain King mimics the every day struggles that we all face; be it emotionally or physically.

Ultimately, this painting serves as a reminder that dark times are normal. Instead of running from them, we should face them head on. I want viewers to sense this as they look at the painting on their wall and take inspiration to tackle life’s struggles.

This original painting will come to you on a 12 x 16″ canvas, and would look great in an office.

Tax and Shipping included!

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